Well That Was Short

Ashley Ziegler Portrait by Abbey Kyhl

On February 22, 2017, I made an announcement that I was no longer booking new clients until further notice. I stepped down as a wedding photographer because my life desperately needed me, and needing wiggle room was only found in my business. I’ve taken a break before, back before my dad passed away, and this time it was for personal reasons as well. I made a big announcement on Facebook where I was shown love and support by so many friends and family.

This break was everything I needed it to be. I took this break for many personal reasons that I won’t disclose but being able to work through the first anniversary of my dad’s passing was so needed and so much appreciated. I immediately craved to get back out and shoot again. All I wanted to do was styled shoots, shoot bridals, learn how to shoot engagements better and be back in the scene that I found myself feeling at home.

Between that announcement and today, there have been some changes in my life and I’ll be booking weddings again! I’m so excited and happy and though this break has been harder and shorter than I thought it would be, I know this is the right move and I couldn’t feel more at home as a photographer. With a few new things in my path, my time is a little bit more limited than it used to be. Which is why LDS temple weddings works perfectly in my schedule. They usually only require max 2-3 hours at the temple. This isn’t a religious decision or to single anyone out. These weddings are quick, simple and fit in my new schedule now.

There are a ton of new and exciting things coming my way this year and I can’t wait. I’m so excited!!! :) I just want to thank all of those that have loved and supported me through all of this, especially my crazy breaks that are random, long, short or whatever. I’m trying my best to be who I truly am in my business and that’s part of what I’m figuring out right now!

If you know of anyone looking for a photographer for temple coverage only, send them my way! I’d so appreciate it and I’ll send you a surprise too! :) I’m also available to travel to any temple and I’d love to talk with you about that! I am also available for travel in Idaho and Arizona!


This is the passion of my life. I found found the home for my heart.